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This JOYFUL SHOP creative craft kit explores the intriguing world of beetles and bugs indigenous to the UK.


Create your very own colourful beetle mobile to hang in your window, using a range of eco conscious materials and resources.

This creative task uses a range of different skills from: painting, systematically attaching different body parts, threading buttons onto pipe cleaners, shaping the limbs of the beetles and carefully hanging the beetles onto a willow branch using twine.


This is a fun and colourful kit which can be created by all age ranges (with the help of an adult) by using the instructions provided. Or for children who want to challenge their creative skills or who don’t need as much adult support, they can explore mixing primary colours to create their own colour palette and mix and match the body parts of the beetles to invent their own species.


Included in the kit is an 8 page learning activity booklet with curriculum links along with an art activity sheet.


Included in your kit:

8 Beetle card body pieces

3 Tins of poster paint

8 Natural cotton pipe cleaners

1 Wooden paint brush

Wooden buttons

Cotton twine

Natural willow branch

1 Instruction sheet

1 Activity booklet with curriculum links

1 Postcard

1 Activitiy sheet

Beetle Mobile Kit

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