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Here you will find a range of products that have been designed and hand made by Alice at  THE CURIOUS DESIGN STUDIO. Our aim is to be as eco conscious as we can be by using many recycled and pre-loved items. We want all of our products to be either re-used, re-cycled or to biodegrade after use so we do not compromise the beautiful planet.

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Christmas Shop


Textile Art

I create beautiful and intriguing one of textile art pieces to hang in your home. The pieces uses a combination of techniques including hand drawn elements, printed, CAD and hand embroidery. Each one is different and will add a bold hit of colour to your interior. 



I love experimenting with different medium in my prints. I use pencil hand drawn sketches, water colour, graphic pens, photographs, CAD and Lino prints to produce a range of one off and small batch prints and cards. 


Creative Kits

I currently stock Joyful Shop creative kits. They are hand designed and made with only materials and packaging that can be re-cycled, re-used or biodegradable after use. 

The kits are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities and include crafts such as; Hand embroidery, silk painting and mixed media craft.

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